Progress Report June 2014

The new Annexe to St Ninian's Hall continues to make excellent progress. The floor base has been prepared with an insulation layer, followed by the installation of underfloor heating pipes. Electrical and data cabling has been run, and today, 14 June, a succession of lorries delivered the liquid screed that will create the final floor. Tomorrow morning, Sunday 15th, volunteers complete removing all equipment and furnishings from the original Hall in readiness for 3b construction to begin linking up the two buildings and undertaking a complete renovation there.
As part of their programme of reinforcement of the power network in the area, SP Energy Systems are undergrounding the supply in a section of Main Street where existing unsightly powerlines... would otherwise spoil the view across the harbour for visitors to the new Annexe; the entrance doors and windows are now being installed; audio-visual systems cabling is being run; and the Main Hall has been stripped ready for major renovation and openings through into the new Annexe have been made. It's all happening!